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Wonder Whip

It really is a wonder what a wonder our Wonder Whip is!!!! This recipe is a your ticket to the most perfect Royal Icing and Meringue! This is just the beginning of all the things you can do with Wonder Whip

Read below for Royal Icing and Meringue recipes!

Directions for Royal Icing

1pt. Cold Water

4oz Johnsons Wonder Whip

5lbs. 10x Sugar


Whip water and Wonder Whip till peaks appear then slowly add sugar until incorporated fully.


For Softer Icing Add 1oz Glycerin


Directions for Meringue for Pie Topping

1qt Cold Water

6 oz Wonder Whip 

3 Lbs. Granulated Sugar



Dissolve 6oz’s Wonder Whip in 1QT of water, then beat until light and firm gradually add 3 lbs of sugar, allowing the machine to continue beating as the sugar is being added and continue beating until desired consistency is obtained, Brown the meringue in hot oven. 


Caution: Be sure bowl and utensils are free from grease.


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