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Valrhona Chocolates Food Service Brochure

Immerse yourself in the luxurious world of Valrhona Chocolates, where each bite is a journey of taste and refinement. Our Valrhona Food Service Brochure offers an exceptional selection of premium chocolates, from the innovative blond chocolates to the deeply flavorful Grand Cru varieties. Valrhona’s dedication to quality, creativity, and ethical sourcing shines through in every product, inviting both culinary professionals and chocolate enthusiasts to discover the unparalleled artistry of chocolate. Explore our selection and let Valrhona transform your culinary creations with its exquisite flavors and textures.



The Valrhona App for iOS is designed to foster the inspiration and technical expertise of pastry professionals, with adaptable tools to facilitate the creative process at the touch of a button. The App allows users to develop recipes in new ways, access professional learning opportunities, explore Valrhona Essentials and new tools for flavor pairings, viscosity, conversions, and video tutorials all in a customized process specifically designed with pastry professionals in mind.



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