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JN Kidds
JN Kidds

Getting the recipe right is your BUSINESS... Supplying the secret INGREDIENTS is ours.

JN Kidds

JNKIDDS is your Supply-Side Solution!

Whether you’re a micro-brewery, a specialty bakery, or a cannabis kitchen, small batch crafters are putting it together.

Our resources in these exciting new markets can recommend which additives play well together; how to build a flavor profile, and what special blend stands up to brewing, chewing and taste.

The Perks of a JNKIDDS Business Account
JN Kidds
KIDDS-APP is your Customer-Customized Express Menu for Ordering that includes:
  • Easy-click ordering from your own Customized Menu
  • New product sampling
  • Restocking alerts
  • Tracked & organized purchases
  • Priority access to full Catalog & pricing
  • Anytime texting to the JNKIDDS team!
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