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JN Kidds
JN Kidds

When the Bride Changed Her Mind, it did more than Take the Cake!

JN Kidds

JNKIDDS is your Supply-Side Solution!

In a baker’s dozen of dilemmas, we go beyond the ordinary to meet the needs of New England’s best bakeries and chocolatiers.

JNKIDDS carries a full gamut of gastronomy – ingredients of cooking, baking and blending from savory to sweet and the flavor notes in between. From flours, grains, nuts and dried fruits to imported oils, extracts, and chocolate, we curate a supply line you can trust in the quantities you need.

The Perks of a JNKIDDS Business Account
JN Kidds
KIDDS-APP is your Customer-Customized Express Menu for Ordering that includes:
  • Easy-click ordering from your own Customized Menu
  • New product sampling
  • Restocking alerts
  • Tracked & organized purchases
  • Priority access to full Catalog & pricing
  • Anytime texting to the JNKIDDS team!
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