About J.N. Kidds

About J.N. Kidds

J.N. Kidds was founded in in 1991 by Jack Shannon and his children. The official company name of J.N. Kidds was a reflection of this family business comprised of Jack and his Kids. Jack ‘n Kids evolved to officially become J.N. Kidds Food Distributors.

Jack had a passion for all things food starting from helping his mother cook as a small boy. As an adult Jack loved to shop, prepare, cook, discuss and critique his own and others cooking .

After a 28 year career as Packaging Engineer, Jack turned to the food business as a second career and never looked back. Loving every aspect of the distributing business, from meeting and talking food with the best chefs in the business, to sourcing new and hard to find products from around the globe.

Jack’s passion and love of food showed when he spoke with chefs; giving chefs the confidence to work with him and allowing Jack to build a food distributing business from just a love of food . This passion for food that Jack had shined in the market place among executive, sous and pastry chefs .

The confidence that the chefs had in Jack to find what they were looking for was the building block that J.N. Kidds grew from and continues to grow from today.

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