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Libby Pumpkin
100% pure pumpkin puree. Think Pumpkin Pie

Pure Maple Syrup
Add effortless premium value to any menu. Nature’s purest sweetener.

Chestnut Spread
Sweet and unsweetened. Slowly cooked, natural chestnut paste, ready to use. Uses
include pastry and confectionery applications. Fillings, creams, ice cream.

Whole Blanched IQF Chestnuts
Uses: creamed chestnuts, chestnuts and wild mushrooms, Chestnut stuffing. Mixes well
with other vegetables.

Pear Puree
Fruit is sourced in France, guaranteed performance for all your fall specials.

Dark and Light Muscovado Sugar
Adds a rich molasses flavor to many applications. Ideal for caramel sauce, glazes for
meats, marinades, and chutney.

How about some Hazelnut Honey Cookies? Mixes well with quinoa.
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