J.N. Kidds and Callebaut Chocolate Client Event

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This past September, J.N. Kidds paired up with Callebaut Chocolate for an extraordinary event at the House of Blues VIP Foundation Room.

Eight top mastermind chefs created decadent unique desserts using Callebaut’s new Single Origin Couvertures that was perfectly paired with a craft beer or wine.

We at J.N. Kidds invited all our valued customers to the event for a night of live music, mingling, drinks, desserts and information on Callebaut’s new products and versatile ways on how to use them! Oh and don’t forget CHOCOLATE!

Callebaut’s featured items included their exclusive Velvet White Couverture and a trio of new Single Origin Couvertures. Velvet is a brand of white chocolate with a unique taste. It has a velvety abundance of intense milk and creamy taste with a tempered sweetness, making it less sweet. This product is perfect for desserts and pastries that require the creaminess of white chocolate but not its sweetness. Velvet’s medium-high fluidity is ideal for macarons, mousses, pralines and more!

The Single Origin Couvertures are each made with cocoa beans from a different country around the world. Each chocolate brings you an exciting taste sensation and aromatic character – reflecting the soil, the climate and the environment where the cocoa beans were grown. We promoted three different Single Origin Couvertures from Ecuador, Brazil, and Madagascar.

Ecuador is renowned for producing “fine flavor” beans- the highest and best graded beans in the world. Composed of 70.4% cocoa, Ecuador chocolate pairs nicely with flavors of orange, apricot, coffee and Guinness.

Made from the Amazonian Forastero and Trinitario cocoa, Brazil chocolate is harvested in the most biodiverse area of the world, yielding exceptional beans with expressive tropical fruit flavors. This dark chocolate couverture is 66.8% cocoa and compliments cashew, almond, and orange flavors.

The Madagascar Single Origin Couverture is 67.4% cocoa with notes of tobacco, raspberries and bilberries; pairing perfectly with honey, rhubarb and Speculoos.

All in all the night as a sweet success! Each of our guests went home with swag bags that including chocolate handling tools, samples, and more!

We at J.N. Kidds would like to thank everyone that came out, the extremely talented chefs for their decadent desserts and especially the representatives at Callebaut Chocolate, without whom this event would not have happened or been such a success.

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