Collin Davis, Executive Chef, The Townshend

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When Collin got a job as a dishwasher at the age of 15, he did not think he would make his career in the restaurant business. But having grown up on a Maine farm surrounded by apple orchards and frequently fishing with his grandfather and eating fresh fish, he developed an appreciation for good, fresh food at an early age.

Collin attended Kenyon College in Ohio, where he ended up working in a campus cafe part time. After starting as a barista, he was moved to the kitchen when the owner discovered that he had some culinary skills. Eventually Collin would run that cafe, and help open a second location, an inn that the same owner bought and rejuvenated.

After college, Collin started looking for opportunities in New York City. He wanted to broaden his experiences. He ended up in the Boston area instead. Owners of the Buttery in the South End were opening up a bistro and hired Collin to help.

From there, Collin worked in several restaurants in the area. He felt that because he did not attend culinary school, he needed to experience restaurants of various sizes and shapes.

In his last position at Bergamot in Somerville, Collin developed a passion for making pasta. Collin makes a rich pasta with no water and only egg yolks. He always hand kneads the dough.

When Collin moved to Quincy, he found the Townshend, a restaurant that was started by a group of people who were all very experienced in the Boston restaurant scene. Collin, who had known many of them for over a decade, was asked to be their executive chef.

Collin, and the owners of the Townshend wanted to bring the best of the Boston food scene to Quincy. The Townshend, a “Progressive American Tavern”, seeks to present the best in food and drink, using the best products, both from near and far. He’s been known to combine shrimp and grits with Parmesan cheese to add creaminess, or curry with cavatelli pasta and spinach purée to sneak Indian flavors into a traditional Italian dish. You will find elements of French, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish and Mexican cuisine in Collin’s menu. The only rule is, “make it delicious.”

Collin also serves some traditional American dishes as an homage to the history of Quincy, and specifically the Adams family. Last year a local food writer asked Collin to create some traditional dishes for Presidents’ Day. He made Johnny Cakes with smoked salmon pate, crème fresh and honey butter. He also made poached salmon with potatoes, bacon, peas and hollandaise, a dish that, legend has it, Abigail Adams once served at the White House.

Collin and the Townshend share the same philosophy about food, drink and hospitality: It is always about the people. There is no business without guests, and no business worthwhile without positive experiences with those guests.

QUINCY, MA, 02169

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